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Welcome to the TR Media site, home of three PRINT titles and one  Electronic-only title.  All of our titles concentrate on equipment and techniques (rather than news and policy which is well catered for in other industry magazines) with Gear Reviews, Market Guides and techniques articles. For 2019 we will continue to offer some free pdf versions of our magazines to read TECHNICAL RESCUE #70, PARK RANGER #1,#2,#3&#4 and ARB CLIMBER #13. Hopefully, you'll feel compelled to part with some hard-earned cash to continue receiving either the DIGITAL or the PRINT (with free Digital) magazines. 

TECHNICALRESCUE  is for emergency services (fire-rescue, SAR, police, tactical/military,  trauma doctors/ambulance, coastguard, medevac helicopters, swiftwater, marine & beach rescue, disaster response, industrial and mines rescue teams). It covers Rope and Water Rescue, Extrication, USAR, ParaRescue, Tactical intervention and EMS. It is the oldest international rescue magazine in the world and has been published for over 25 years. 

ARBCLIMBER is for professional arborists and forestry workers but also recreational tree climbers. With the expansion of the industry into more technical rope equipment ARBCLIMBER is perfectly placed to cover everything that's going on with SRT, DRT and DdRT. Editorial  concentrates on climbing, rigging and rescue plus chainsaws and all things cutting plus boots and PPE. 

PARKRANGER has changed title from issue 5 to WILDERNESSSAR (Incorporating PARKRANGER) for wilderness Search & Rescue, Mountain and Cave Rescue, SAR Helicopters, Search Dog handlers, offshore marine rescue and National Parks personnel. As with all our magazines , rope and water rescue techniques and equipment forms the core of every issue but search techniques, heli-ops, trauma, offshore (lifeboats) rescue and surviving in the great outdoors with modern clothing, packs, tents, boots and electronics are all covered.

ACCESS&RESCUE is our FREE Quarterly Emag providing background to all the print magazines as well as industrial rope access and previews what's coming up. It also provides vital SAFETY NOTICES and RECALLS, extra articles and product info.  


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TR76 DIGI_Page_01.jpg
Reach Rescue Device for swiftwater rescue

QUARTERLY SUBSCRIBED PRINT magazine is around 70 pages and covers Rope &  Water/Dive rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Tactical, Trauma USAR/Disaster response, Con-Space/Mines rescue:

  • Gear Reviews,

  • Market Guides to entire ranges of equipment

  • Rope rescue, extrication and water rescue in every issue

  • instructional articles

  • teams and incidents 

  • Digital-only (pdf) version available 


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CMI  RopeJack hauling device
ARB Climber Issue 16 v1_Page_01.jpg

QUARTERLY SUBSCRIBED PRINT magazine is around 70 pages and covers climbing, rigging, arboriculture, chainsaws & maintenance, first aid and rescue:

  • Gear Reviews

  • Market Guides to entire ranges of equipment

  • Rope eqpt, chainsaw  and trauma/rescue techniques in every issue

  • instructional articles

  • PPE and competition events 

  • Digital-only (pdf) version available 


Tree Climbing in Borneo rain forest
Avalanche search dog training in the Pyrenees

QUARTERLY SUBSCRIBED PRINT magazine is around 70 pages and covers Wilderness Search & Rescue inc. Mountain & Cave Rescue, Water Rescue, Search Dogs & Tracking and Survival. NB: The title will change to WILDERNESSSAR from issue 5

  • Gear Reviews

  • Market Guides to entire ranges of equipment

  • Rope skills & eqpt, Search Techniques,  Incident reports, Kit Guide,  Teams

  • instructional articles

  • Incident reports

  • Digital-only (pdf) version available 


ISC HaulerBiner as a stretcher bridle

QUARTERLY FREE DIGITAL (PDF) ONLY  magazine is around 30 pages and provides:

  • background to our print titles,

  • preview of forthcoming articles

  • extra articles,

  • safety and product recall notices,

  • archive articles 

  • News and Events (our print magazines don't tend to include time sensitive articles)

ACCESS&RESCUE digital magazine

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Sterling Ropes

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