WSAR/PARK RANGER 8-issue DIGITAL (PDF) subscription

WSAR/PARK RANGER 8-issue DIGITAL (PDF) subscription


8- PDF editions from issue 8 because issue 7 is currently FREE.

You can also use any of your 8 issues for back issues but Back issues 1,2,3 &4 (under the title PARK RANGER) are already available FREE separately. Onward issues will be sent to you automatically.


PARK RANGER is now called WILDERNESS SAR (from issue 5) - exactly the same magazine, just a title change to better reflect the Mountain and Cave Rescue, Maritime SAR and remote area teams not part of a National Parks system.




  • Format

    • Mid-resolution PDF.
    • Quite large files at around 20meg.
    • Approx 70 pages
    • No hyperlinks