WSAR/PARK RANGER 8-issue DIGITAL (PDF) subscription

WSAR/PARK RANGER 8-issue DIGITAL (PDF) subscription


8- PDF editions from issue #11 because issue #10 is FREE during Covid.

You can also use any of your 8 issues for back issues but Back issues 1,2,3 &4 (under the title PARK RANGER) are already available FREE separately. Onward issues will be sent to you automatically.

Once purchased, the pdf is yours forever, if you lose the pdf for any reason, at any time, just email us for another link

PARK RANGER is now called WILDERNESS SAR (from issue 5) - exactly the same magazine, just a title change to better reflect the Mountain and Cave Rescue, Maritime SAR and remote area teams not part of a National Parks system.




  • Format

    • Mid-resolution PDF.
    • Quite large files at around 20-24meg.
    • Approx 70 pages
    • No hyperlinks