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NB: Due to a recent close family bereavement the due dates for all titles have been pushed out by a month.

Please note revised months on the home page. 

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After decades of producing Market Guide articles that detail all of the key models available in any particular range of  equipment we have now introduced a set of continually  updating (page-tuning pdf) BUYERSGUIDES that incorporate  all of the Market Guides we have had and will have - updated with new text, new models, prices and specification changes. Readers can check back whenever they like on the same link to see the range and specifications for equipment in 6 equipment sectors:

                                                                                                      Rope Equipment

                                                                                                      Arborist equipment

                                                                                                      Black equipment (Tactical & Theatrical)

                                                                                                      Water Rescue

                                                                                                      USAR Extrication

                                                                                                      PPE & Casevac 

These GUIDES are between 200 and 350 pages long so build      into the most comprehensive reference ever seen in our

market sectors. Go to the BUYERSGUIDE page (red menu at the top )to see contents


 CLICK on the ARBORIST cover (left) 

ROPE EQPT (right) & WATER RESCUE  (below) 

 to see the actual version as it is compiled and to ensure that your  equipment is being correctly listed.


Email or 'CHAT' to ask for changes or info.

You  can  download a pdf version using the cloud/arrow icon

in the page-navigation menu within each BUYERSGUIDE.



If you wish to advertise in the BUYERSGUIDES these  are the rates PER YEAR, PER ADVERT. These are fully flexible and can be updated, paused format-changed or moved at any time during your year's advertising.


  • Advertising is for one entire year from the date of initial distribution or inclusion of ad copy.

  • Commence or pause advertising at any time

  • Update your ad, alter the  size/format or move your ad to another GUIDE at any time during the year. 

  • Adverts are hyperlinked to a URL of your choice.


Our stockists & existing/past  advertisers check with Kelly for discounts.

Costs per advert, per year are:


£350 /US$440 /€400           Quarter page

£500 /US$625 /€580           Half page (or 2x Qtr)

£850 /US$1050 /€950     Full page (or 2x Half/4Qtr)

£1300 /US$1600 /€1500   DPS-Double Page Spread

                                                         (or 2x Full/4x Half/8x Qtr)


email Kelly on or 

to book or obtain further details



NEW for 2024  - FREE-to-ALL

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OUR THREE PRINT MAGAZINES are now 3 times each per year instead of the original 4 times per year (quarterly).  This is to accommodate the 6 new BUYERSGUIDES and to avoid print production in August and December which have always been very difficult due to so many companies being shut down for the holidays.


PLEASE NOTE that despite being lucky enough to have been unaffected commercially by all the covid, war, & cost-of-living difficulties, production times have been adversely affected. This is primarily due to print production and distribution delays which are outside of our control. We did consider going ahead with the digital version which we can produce on time but we feel strongly that we are a print magazine first and foremost even though digital numbers now far outstrip print so we have maintained our schedule according to print requirements.

All three print magazines have the same format, pricing and ad sizes. Even the demographics are broadly similar. TECHNICALRESCUE has a higher percentage of fire service readership while WILDERNESSSAR (nee Park Ranger) is aimed more at wilderness rescue agencies. ARBCLIMBER has similar country demographics but obviously a largely different readership, primarily professional arborists, arb colleges, botanical gardens and recreational climbers but there is still crossover with rescue and disaster and storm-relief agencies. All magazines are roughly split between North America and UK/Europe with the next biggest markets being Oz/NZ and South Africa but ARBCLIMBER has an additional  unique spike in Japan. All three titles have had their digital/pdf version available Free-of-Charge since 2020 and these are also sent directly to around 10,000 recipients each.

ACCESS&RESCUE is a DIGITAL-ONLY format and is now brought out 1 or2 times a year rather than quarterly. It has hyperlinked QUARTER page ads as the largest format - this is to ensure that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip - large or small and that ads aren't simply clicked through. Emag Ad rates can be found on any of the print title Media Info pdfs above.



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