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This page shows the Quick Cuts series and intermediate extrication/vehicle crash rescue articles in TECHNICAL RESCUE magazine by our extrication editors, Rich Denham and Nick Appleton, veteran firefighters and instructors for London Fire Brigade. They started with us way back in issue 56 some 20 years ago with a series on Heavy Vehicle (truck) rescue which was partly an homage to our original 'RTA' expert and extrication visionary, the great Andy Clark of Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue in the UK. Unfortunately, we don't have any digital examples  of our oldest vehicle extrication articles from the 90's but we do have print originals for anyone interested. Nick & Rich were often ably assisted by Darryl Ashford-Smith late of London Fire Brigade but now with Scottish Mountain Rescue who some may now recognise as our UK SAR editor on WILDERNESS SAR.


Back to Rich and Nick's articles and the newest are shown below down the left, oldest are down the right. Other articles by highly regarded guest authors such as Eric Rickenbach, Jon Curly, Dave Dalrymple, Jon Scully and Ian Dunbar are in the margin on the left for those on a desktop.


Click on many of the images to view the full pdf. Original files for earlier articles have been lost so these may not be available except in print or there may be some corruptions to text and images in these early articles. QC#3 for instance has an empty frame where a ResQJack ad should be. 

On the right is an article written by our team in late 2016 and published in issue 69 on a New Team Approach which is referenced in the latest issue #79. 

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New Team Approach 2017
inter-service liaison at vehicle accidents
TR72 Digi_Page_37.jpg
assisted Dash Roll - dash displacement
space creation - vehicle rescue - london fire brigade
Driver extrication - casualty extraction
Driver Casualty extrication - suspected spinal injury
glass management - windscreen removal
crashed vehicle stabilisation
LGV Lorry Rescue - Heavy Vehicle rescue

Issue 69 - early 2017

vehcile extrication - Remove a sliding door
vehicle extrication - dash relocation entrapment
gull wing extrication-  car on roof
defeating a tailgate lock
extrication hand tools - mini cutters
dash relocation - dash lift
B-Post Rip
using an impact wrench for vehicle rescue
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