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Holmatro Hydraulic Cutters
US Coastguard ParaRescue and airboat
Rock Exotica Aztec Pulley
Vehicle Rescue RTA MVA RTC
Canadian Coastguard Helicopter
Animal Water Rescue RSPCA
Syrian Rescue USAR Building Collapse

3 Times per year print magazine available as a printed subscription, digital subscription or single issues/back issues. You can also buy TECHNICAL RESCUE from Stockists in the UK, US, Belgium, Australia, Finland and Germany.

Click on the SUBSCRIBE button above or go to SHOP in the menu to view details for each magazine's content.

Click on THUMBNAILS in the TECHRESCUE drop-down menu to see thumbnails of the current issue and the proposed layout of the next issue together with updates of progress as draft articles are completed.

Lukas Rescue Hydraulic Tools

Far and away the finest magazines that have ever been written in the English language........ever

                                                                                                                  Ade Scott, Not necessarily the same Ade Scott  responsible for these magazines


GEAR REVIEWS are a warts'n'all, in- depth look at a product, from hardware and harnesses to extrication tools and PPE. Often irreverent but technically detailed.

MARKET GUIDES are complete listings of an entire range of equipment with a detailed introduction followed by tabulated data. Previous GUIDES have included: Rope, Extrication Cutters, Spreaders and Combis, PFDs, Drysuits, RIBS, Hovercraft, Airboats, Hovercraft, Helmets, 

SPOTLIGHT. Similar to a review with the same level of detail but usually a product we haven't had for long enough to be a full review or is too expensive for the manufacturer to trust us with for long.

TECHNIQUES from rigging and rope-rescue skills to vehicle extrication, structural collapse, search techniques and water rescue from swiftwater to flood to mud/sand.

FIRST AID & TRAUMA Casualty packaging and handling together with intermediate and advanced trauma treatment and training

Rescue Harness Evacuation Triangle
Drones UAV
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