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Some articles will be made available as full PDF download links on these pages. Articles will be sub-categorised into CLIMBING & RIGGING, CHAINSAWS, RESCUE/MEDICAL &  PPE with sub-classifications for MARKET GUIDES, and GEAR REVIEWS. :

1)MARKET GUIDE to HANDLED ACSENDERS from issue 17 includes all the main brands: Petzl, Camp, Kong, CMI, Climbing Technology, Edelrid, ISC Wales, Singing Rock, Skylotec, Beal and Black Diamond but also 'lesser known' brands like Krok, Fixe, Fusion, Heightec, Grivel, Kratos, Protkt, Rock Empire, SOB, SAR Products, Treerunner and Xinda.

2)MARKET GUIDE to CHAINSAW BOOTS from issues 8 & 9. following on from our previous article in issue 2: 

3)CHAINSAW PROTECTIVE BOOTS from issue 2  is an examination of how effective class 1 boots actually are against a chainsaw. 

4) REVIEW of CAMP TREE ACCESS HARNESS from issue 5 is an example of how we write reviews and one of 4 or 5 we've carried out on arb Harnesses.

5) MARKET GUIDE to PRUSIK CORD from issue 7 is one of several we have written on arb ropes and again shows the style and format of our MARKET GUIDES - one of which appears in every issue.

6)REVIEW of ECHO CS-2511TES TOP-HANDLE CHAINSAW, just t show that we don't only review rope-stuff. In fact, every issue also includes either PPE or tool reviews.

Original files for earlier issues have been lost so there may be some corruptions to text and images in  early articles.

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