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incorporating PARKRANGER


 PARKRANGER has changed its name to  WILDERNESSSAR

This change from issue 5  better reflects the core readership of Wilderness SAR, Mountain & Cave Rescue  teams, SAR Helicopters and marine/offshore rescue. Most of these disciplines are covered by Park Rangers but only a proportion of the teams are part of a National Park structure. WSAR deals more with lightweight equipment used in remote areas and includes rescue, search, tracking,  and survival.  It is 3 times per year available as a printed subscription, digital subscription or single issues/back issues. You can also buy WILDERNESSSAR/PARKRANGER from some Stockists - updated details available shortly.  Click on the SUBSCRIBE button or click on 'SHOP' in the menu to see details of each issue's content. 

WSAR6 digilowres_Page_14.jpg

I didn't think it was humanly possible to see this kind of quality of editorial in a magazine aimed at mountain and wilderness SAR personnel

WSAR/PARK RANGER Marketing Dept,


GEAR REVIEWS are a warts'n'all, in- depth look at a product, from hardware and harnesses to extrication tools and PPE. Often irreverent but technically detailed.

MARKET GUIDES are complete listings of an entire range of equipment with a detailed introduction followed by tabulated data. GUIDES have or will include: Ropes & Hardware, headlamps and flashlights, Boots & Clothing, ATVs, Watercraft, Rucksacks & Packs, Snow & Ice eqpt. Helmets, 

SPOTLIGHT. Similar to a review with the same level of detail but usually a product we haven't had for long enough to be a full review or is too expensive for the manufacturer to trust us with for long.

TECHNIQUES from rigging and rope-rescue skills to water rescue, helicopter operations, animal rescue, search techniques and search dog handling.

FIRST AID & TRAUMA Casualty packaging and handling together with intermediate and advanced trauma treatment and training


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