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Ground crew lowering on a Portawrap

3 times per year print magazine available as a printed subscription, digital subscription or single issues/back issues. You can also buy ARBCLIMBER from Stockists in the UK, US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Sweden, Australia and  New Zealand, with Poland and Netherlands coming soon.

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NB: FACEBOOK PAGE: Not us we're afraid - a well meaning supporter no doubt but we have no access to it

to delete it or amend it. We don't do Facebook, Twitter or indeed any social media unless WhattsApping the

pub address counts? 

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No question that this is the finest magazine with the name 'ARBCLIMBER' ever produced. I feel privileged to be able to buy it. 



GEAR REVIEWS are a warts'n'all, in- depth look at a product, from hardware and harnesses to chainsaws and PPE. Often irreverent but technically detailed.

MARKET GUIDES are complete listings of an entire range of equipment with a detailed introduction followed by tabulated data. Up to issue 10 we have covered Harnesses, Helmets, Top-handle Chainsaws, Chainsaw boots, Ropes and Mechanical prusiks.

MAINTENANCE. mostly chainsaw maintenance but other equipment including new technology like powered ascenders crops up as well.

SPOTLIGHT. Similar to a review with the same level of detail but usually a product we haven't had for long enough to be a full review or is too expensive for the manufacturer to trust us with for long.

TECHNIQUES from rigging and rope skills to chainsaw cutting/safety and rescue.

FIRST AID & RESCUE is a primary part of our editorial for such a dangerous occupation

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