PARK RANGER is now called WILDERNESS SAR (from issue 5) - exactly the same magazine, just a title change to better reflect the Mountain and Cave Rescue, Maritime SAR and remote area teams not part of a National Parks system. 

  • (it’s a) WOMAN’S WORLD - Salute to the Bag Lady by Mel Harms
  • SPECIAL - Speak Up! by Ken Phillips
  • GEAR REVIEW- Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp by Rob Thomas
  • ROPE RESCUE - Litter Bridles by Andy Maguire
  • GEAR SPOTLIGHT - REACH Rescue System by Dr Mike Croslin
  • SAR HELOs - Things that go bump in the flight by Rob Thomas
  • TRAIL NOTES - The Heart of a Volunteer by Kevin Moses
  • MARKET GUIDE - Rigging Plates by Ade Scott
  • SPECIAL - Unmanned Aircraft by Gene Robinson
  • GEAR REVIEW- Wolverine ICS Boots by Lee Lang
  • TRAINING - Developing Midfulness by Mitch Boudrot
  • SEARCH DOGS - Getting to know their capabilities by Mike Moore
  • INCIDENTS - Crestone
  • Format

    20 meg file

    70 pages USA4

    Slight corruption to the words RANGER on cover and inside cover

    (can't easily correct as we lost all the files and templates for issue 12&3 in a cyber attack (hence the gap in production).