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TECHNICAL RESCUE  2 Years/6-issues PRINT+pdf subscription

TECHNICAL RESCUE 2 Years/6-issues PRINT+pdf subscription


6-Printed issues for the price of 5 - No postage charge for UK/USA/Canada. Checkout will add $10 for Europe and the rest of the world. [NB The cost in US$ with additional postage charge is slightly less than the previous charge of GBP£35. with no postage charge].

Your 6-issue subscription begins with the current issue pictured above (or the next relevant issue for existing subscribers who are renewing) but you can also use your 6 issues  for any any issues from #52 onwards or you can even have 6 copies of one issue.

Email us once you've completed your purchase at if you want to change your start issue. 

The Digital/pdf version is free with a Print subscription. Once purchased, it's yours forever, if you lose the pdf for any reason, at any time, just email us for another link.


    You can cancel your subscription at any time and receive a refund for issues not yet sent.


    Shipping is included for UK, Europe and USA/Canada Subscribers

    Costs for Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean are a flat addition of $1.25 per magazine, $5 for 4 issues or $10. for 8 issues

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