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TECHNICAL RESCUE  issue 55 print

TECHNICAL RESCUE issue 55 print


TEAM: Cornwall SAR Team by Andy Brelsford

MARKET GUIDES: Water Rescue Rafts

MARKET GUIDES: Low Pressure Airbags

EMS: Paediatric Epilepsy by Ivan Hansen

ROPE: 7 Minikalist Archetypes #5 by Reed Thorne

GEAR: Peli RALS 9430 area lightiing

GEAR: Otter Box Laptop Case

AQUATIC: Surf Boards for swiftwater rescu by Sean Johnson

USAR: Fall Protection on USAR Timber Shoring by Dave Marchant

TRAUMA: Limb for Life - Combat Tourniquets by Jez Hunter


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    Shipping is included for UK and USA/Canada Subscribers

    Costs for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean are a flat addition of $1.25 per magazine, $5 for 4 issues or $10. for 8 issues

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